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During This 4-Part Workshop You Will Discover...
How to pick your course topic and structure your content
The exact technology I use to build and deliver my online courses
The exact launch sequence I used to generate $30K in 7 days
How to get over your limiting beliefs on "I don't have enough experience/knowledge/expertise to teach a course" (cuz that's a bunch of BS)
Mindie Kniss, CEO, Lucra®
Mindie Kniss has been coaching people to clarify their purpose and build their dreams since 2007.

She is the visionary behind Lucra's live events and online courses which have grossed over $1M in sales.

Bettina Gordon sold her course before she recorded the first video!
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Hey, it's Mindie.

When I started my coaching business in 2007, I struggled to get enough clients to make ends meet.

So much so that I ended up being evicted from my apartment, my house was foreclosed, and I was living out of my office.

Not exactly the dream I thought entrepreneurship would be...

Once I was able to figure out the marketing and sales piece, I was still just getting by.

That is until I added online courses to my business.

That, specifically, is what first boosted my annual income over the $100K mark.

In this 4-part online workshop, I'm going to share with you exactly what I do to create successful courses and how you can, too. 

Looking forward to sharing what I've learned with you!  😀


P.S.  I'm going to show you how to create a course at a MINIMUM of $500 value.  That means if you were to participate in this workshop, implement what I teach you, and enroll just TWO STUDENTS, this workshop would have paid for itself.  The beauty with online courses is that once you figure out how to sell one, you just rinse and repeat. 

Learning from Mindie is like the combination of a wise seasoned mentor and a family member who teaches with genuine care.
Prior to the course, I thought that course building was much more complex which intimidated me.
After Lucrative Courses, I am now able to take my knowledge and package it in a way that is both ideal for client consumption and marketability (lucrative). It’s one of the best courses I have taken.

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